The results from this weekend’s Nicol-Brown Amateur Invitational Piping Competition are:

Ceòl Mòr – 1. Stuart Marshall, Stokesdale, North Carolina, pictured (The MacLeods’ Salute); 2. Tyler Destremps (I Gave A Kiss To the King’s Hand); 3. Sandy Adams (Hector MacLean’s Warning); 4. Justin Howland (The MacDougalls’ Gathering); 5. Jessica Bain (Lament for Donald of Laggan).
Judges: Patrick Molard and Dr. Jack Taylor.

MSR – 1. Henry Paluch; 2. Tyler Destremps; 3. Jessica Bain; 4. Stuart Marshall; 5. Justin Howland.
Judges: Matt MacIsaac and Sarah Muir.

6/8 Marches – 1. Henry Paluch; 2. Liam MacDonald; 3. Stuart Marshall; 4. Tyler Destremps; 5. Jessica Bain.
Judges: Matt MacIsaac and Sarah Muir.

The Nicol-Brown features the 10 best amateur pipers in North America invited to compete in three solo events in a formal, indoor contest dedicated to the memory of the ‘Bobs of Balmoral’ – Robert B. Nicol and Robert U. Brown. Invitations are based on overall rankings and competitive results in the pipers’ home associations in live contests over the winter – and/or in virtual contests through the season

The awards ceremony was hosted via Zoom at noon on Saturday (October 10).

The competition concert was held on Friday to support the Nicol-Brown and The National Piping Centre.