By Margaret Dunn
(of CLASP)

Members of the CLASP (Competition League for Amateur Solo Pipers) last week uploaded their video entries to our Remote ‘Video Submission’ Competition. Judging by the large entry, it proved to be a popular contest among the membership.

Due to the inevitable uncertainty surrounding the ongoing pandemic and the restrictions placed on us all as a result, the next CLASP competition will also be a video submission one. Details are online via the News section of the CLASP website and entries will be open to members in the next day or so.

The current competition, though, has just ended and we’d like to thank all the competitors and the judges who spent this week listening to the performances. The judges were: Finlay Johnston, Wilson Brown, Dan Nevans, Dr Andrew Bova, Roddy MacLeod MBE and Alastair Dunn of R. G. Hardie & Co.

Giovanni Giulianini with the fruit of his labours.

Overall winners:

Grade 1 – Giovanni Giulianini;
Grade 2 – Cameron O Neill;
Grade 3 – Philip Duthie (ceòl mòr preference).

Ceòl Mòr
Grade 1
– 1. Giovanni Giulianini (Sir James MacDonald of the Isles’ Lament); 2. Evan Wraga (Catherine’s Lament); 3. Gill Cairns (Lament for Donald of Laggan); 4. Blaint Kiss (Lord Lovat’s Lament); 5. David MacKenzie (Lament for Mary MacLeod); 6. Robert Wilson (The King’s Taxes).
Judge: Finlay Johnston.

Grade 2 – 1. Dagmar Pesta (Massacre of Glencoe); 2. Neil Scotland (Lament for Captain MacDougall); 3. James Carnegie (Flame of Wrath); 4. Christian Beutler (Field of Gold); 5. Cameron O’Neill (The Little Spree); 6. Hector Thomson (The Company’s Lament for Joseph MacDonald).
Judge: Connor Sinclair.

Grade 3 – 1. Robert Cunningham; 2. Philip Duthie; 3. Colin MacKenzie; 4. Martin Lee; 5. Kim Greely; 6. Andrew Robertson.
Judge: Dr Andrew Bova.

Cameron O’Neill.

Light Music
Grade 1
2/4 March
– 1. Giovanni Giulianini (The 74th’s Farewell to Edinburgh); 2. Rebecca Paterson (John MacColl’s March to Kilbowie Cottage); 3. Scott Long (The Duke of Roxburgh’s Farewell to the Blackmount Forest); 4. Justin Howland (Alan Dodd’s Farewell to Scotland); 5. Robert Russell (Duncan MacColl); 6. Robert Wilson (Arthur Bignold of Loch Rosque).
Judge: Roddy MacLeod MBE.

Strathspey and Reel – 1. Scott Long (Captain Colin Campbell/Brown Haired Maiden); 2. Giovanni Giulianini (Maggie Cameron /Alick C. MacGregor); 3. Justin Howland (Cat Lodge/Drumlithie); 4. William Wardrope (Dorrator Bridge/Colonel MacLeod); 5. Robert Russell (Susan MacLeod/Alick C. MacGregor); 6. Rebecca Paterson (Maggie Cameron/Fiona MacLeod).
Judge: Roddy MacLeod MBE.

Jig – 1. Rebecca Paterson; 2. Tam McGirr; 3. Robert Wilson; 4. Mic Trenor; 5. Justin Howland; 6. Robert Russell.
Judge: Alastair Dunn.

Philip Duthie.

Grade 2
2/4 March
– 1. Cameron O’Neill (Bonnie Ann); 2. Balint Kiss (Monadh Gowan); 3. Hans Grothusen (Donald MacLean’s Farewell to Oban); 4. Eddie Boland (Inveran); 5. Maggie Jeschofnig (Mrs John MacColl); 6. James Carnegie (Duncan McNeill Esq. Farewell to Melfort).
Judge: Dan Nevans.

Strathspey and Reel – 1. Eddie Boland; 2. Cameron O’Neill; 3. Hans Grothusen; 4. Christian Buetler; 5. Maggie Jeschofnig; 6. Alexander MacKay.
Judge: Dan Nevans.

Jig – 1. Alexander MacKay; 2. Kurtis Bryden; 3. Eddie Boland; 4. Hans Grothusen; 5. Stuart Letford; James Carnegie.
Judge: Alastair Dunn.

Grade 3
2/4 March
– 1. Robert Cunningham; 2. Kim Greely; 3. Anthony Kelly; 4. Martin Lee; 5. Philip Duthie; 6. Kingston Tan.
Judge: Wilson Brown.

Strathspey & Reel – 1. Kim Greely; 2. Martin Lee; 3. Robert Cunningham; 4. Philip Duthie; 5. Anthony Kelly; 6. Kingston Tan.
Judge: Wilson Brown.

Joe Moore.

Jig – 1. Phillip Duthie; 2. Martin Lee; 3. Colin MacKenzie; 4. Anthony Kelly; 5. Leslie Barrett; 6. Rebecca Morris.
Judge: Dan Nevans.

Extra fun events – (judged across all grades and events): Best Dressed Piper – Joe Moore; Best Backdrop – Gill Cairns.

CLASP membership is now open for 2021 competitions. The membership fee is staggered and the price reflects the number of competitions available to competitors throughout the year. £40 is the cost currently for full membership for 2021 and that amount reduces throughout the competition year.

There is more detailed information on the CLASP website regarding membership.

Widely recognised as the premier competition for adult amateur solo pipers, CLASP is currently in the middle of the 2020/2021 League (traditionally, the league starts each August at Piping Live!) but pipers can join at any time of the year. If you would like to join go to

Gill Cairns playing against a beautiful Maltese backdrop.