Police Scotland forms Police Scotland & Federation Pipe Band

The Scottish Police Federation tartan.
Glasgow Police pounding its way into the circle at the Europeans in 2019.

Updated – Police Scotland, the national police force of Scotland, is forming a new Police Scotland & Federation Pipe Band. The move effectively brings to an end the existence of Glasgow Police Pipe Band, Police Scotland Fife and Grampian Police Pipe Band. The move does not mean the end of the Police Fife or Grampian Police bands. It is Glasgow Police Pipe Band that is being renamed Police Scotland & Federation Pipe Band.

A spokesman from the organisation, formed in 2013 with the merger of eight regional police forces, said: “Pipe band activity has been restricted over the last year due to COVID-19, allowing the current band, Glasgow Police Pipe Band, to consider its future and recognise an opportunity to align itself fully with Police Scotland. Police Scotland recognises the important influence and contribution pipe bands have made to their communities, and the musical legacy they leave. 

“The new pipe band has the full support of the Chief Constable, who has appointed Assistant Chief Constable Tim Mairs as Honorary President. Band members are proud to represent the Police Service of Scotland in this way. The pipe band continues to benefit from a close relationship with the Scottish Police Federation, who remain sponsors of the band. As part of this new formation the pipe band will wear the Scottish Police Federation tartan. The tartan was created in 2018, celebrating the Federation’s centenary and incorporates the colours from the eight forces in Scotland in 1779.

“Band members have been drawn from across all areas of the Police Scotland organisation and include police officers and members of staff. All are eager and enthusiastic to be part of the band, showcasing their skills and musical talent.”

The Scottish Police Federation tartan.

Assistant Chief Constable Tim Mairs said: “I am delighted to see the formation of the Police Scotland Pipe Band and hear the exciting plans for their future. Music is an important way to celebrate our past and provides a fantastic opportunity to bring police and communities together. The formation of the band ensures that the proud history of piping across policing in Scotland continues into the future. I also welcome the continued support of the Scottish Police Federation.”

Pipe Major, Chief Inspector Ewan Henderson, who was appointed Pipe Major of Glasgow Police Pipe Band last June, said: “We want to pay tribute to the contribution from Police Scotland and the Scottish Police Federation.  With their full support behind us we can look forward to a positive future. As we go forward, we felt a new name and change in emphasis was needed. The band’s membership has been strengthened, the repertoire has been developed and the existing foundations of the band built on to secure its future. We are incredibly grateful for everyone’s support and with these important changes, the future of the pipe band is bright and exciting – we look forward to representing the Police Service and Scotland.”

A new governance committed has been set up, consisting of senior members of Police Scotland, band leadership and members of the Scottish Police Federation. The band will be funded by the Scottish Police Federation and the time afforded to officers and police staff will be based on the exigencies of duty.

Bagpipe.News understands discussions had been underway since 2019.

• Our post has been updated with a clarification that the move does not necessarily affect any other of Police Scotland”s pipe bands. – Editor.