1. How are you these days and how did you spend your time during the lockdown?
Creating music, future music books, recordings, The Citadel … entertaining the world one tune at a time!

2. What’s your favourite destination, either for a holiday or for something piping related?
Piping: Vancouver, BC. UK, and non-piping: Hawaii and Mediterranean.

3. What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever eaten?
I have not come across a dish as of yet.

4. What’s your favourite international food?
Spanish, Italian, and Japanese.

5. What’s your favourite film?
Bullitt (1968).

6. What’s your favourite book (piping — can be a collection or prose)?
Too many great books out there; love them all!

7. What’s your favourite book or author (non-piping)?
John Grisham, thriller/mystery.

8. What’s the last book you read?
Matthew Welch’s new book, A New and Compleat Theory of the Highland Bagpipe.

9. What’s the piping recording you return to time and again — solo and pipe band
I truly do not have one. There’s so many great recordings out there. I guess I love them all!

10. How do you relax and do you have other interests or hobbies?
I listen to smooth jazz, classic jazz, hard rock, Eddie Van Halen, that type of music. The Beatles, Led Zeppelin. Model trains.

11. Was piping something you wanted to do from an early age?
It’s hard to say since my father taught me at 31/2 years old. I’m now 55 and still playing. I guess piping is in my soul!

12. Do you recall the very first competition you competed in, whether solo or in a band?
Solo: 1973 Band: 1973. Southern California.

13. What’s your most memorable performance, either band or solo, that you’ve played in?
I really do not have one. I guess all memorable moments, started after 31/2-years-old.

14. What’s your most memorable performance, either band or solo, of others that you’ve heard?
There’s too many to mention in my 51+ years in piping. Lots of great moments. You cherish them all.

15. Where are you living these days?
Claremont, California.

16. Best thing about Glasgow?
Food, culture, and atmosphere!

• Thank you, Seumas!