Building stamina in your playing

Margaret Dunn

On day eight of the February Piping Challenge Dan Nevans presented a 30 minute Facebook live stream on the topic of developing the stamina to play your pipes for up to an hour. It’s a very informative and entertaining talk from Dan (with added bagpipe faeries), and is essential listening if your pipes have been under the bed for a long time and want to get back out playing in 2022. Dan’s live stream can be viewed again here on The National Piping Centre’s Facebook page.

National Piping centre tutor, Margaret Dunn, gave a concise demonstration of playing a birl on day nine of the February Piping Challenge. Margaret teaches the figure of 7 method of playing the birl and it can be viewed here on The National Piping Centre’s Facebook page.

This evening, Feb 10 at 6pm, Finlay MacDonald will discuss the technique of playing strikes, and can be viewed here.

Remember to record your playing and tag your social media posts with #PIPESOUT22.