Myelinate your doublings practice


On day 22 of the February Piping Challenge Dan Nevans spoke about the myelination process that goes on in your brain while practicing deliberately. Dan demonstrated a slow deliberate technique to practice doublings going up and down the scale on the chanter. He suggests this consistency is what is needed to develop strong neural pathways in the brain that will allow you play under pressure and achieve a higher standard. Dan’s video can be viewed again here on The National Piping Centre’s Facebook page.

Day 23 was a video from Dan on the topic of Making masterpieces from your mistakes

Day 24 was a video from Connor Sinclair on the topic of Strathspeys

Day 25 was a video from Steven Blake on the technique of tachums

This evening, February 26, Dan Nevans will discuss how to achieve clean breaks between your tunes, and can be watched from 6pm on The National Piping Centre’s Facebook page. 

Remember to record your playing and tag your social media posts with #PIPESOUT22.