TNPC Spring Adult Gathering April 25-28


The National Piping Centre announce the teachers for the Spring Adult Gathering! Join them for one-to-one lessons, workshops, masterclasses, group lessons and more from a world class teaching line up of – Wilson Brown, Connor Sinclair, Ailis Sutherland, Dr Andrew Bova, Dan Nevans and Danny Hutcheson.

There are two timezones, with in person lessons from 9am – 5pm UK time that is £250 per person and an online option from from 3pm – 9.30pm UK time that is £220 per person.

Both these options run from April 25-28. So find out more and book your place today!

The dates for all our 2022 schools are:
Spring School – 25th – 28th April 
Summer School – 25th – 28th July
Autumn School – 31st October – 3rd November