•The Nicol-Brown Chalice

The Nicol-Brown Amateur Invitational which was due to be held on October 8 this year has been put on hold till 2023. The competition features the 10 best amateur pipers in North America and is dedicated to the memory of the ‘Bobs of Balmoral’ – Robert B. Nicol and Robert U. Brown. Invitations are based on overall rankings and competitive results in the pipers’ home associations in live contests over the season. This was to be the 40th year of the competition.

Paula Glendinning for the Nicol-Brown committee said: “The Nicol-Brown committee has made the difficult decision to take a gap year in 2022. We plan to host the 40th Nicol-Brown Amateur Invitational in October 2023 with an event that will honour the history and the future of the Nicol-Brown. This is a transition year for the travel industry and for Grade 1 piping events, and we hope the extra year will allow for healthy participation at the contests we use for determining invitations and at next year’s Nicol-Brown weekend. Watch this space.”