Results from the Braemar Junior Games


Braemar Junior Games was held on Saturday, July 23. It is the “young” version of possibly the world’s best known Highland Gathering. Held in the same King George V Park, it really puts the fun into the games, surely meeting the organiser’s aim of giving the next generation a taste for its big brother, “The Gathering”, to be held on September 3, 2022. 

•The prize-winners from Braemar Junior Games. Overall champion Craig Mitchell is pictured holding the presentation practice chanter.

Seven pipers played. Special mention must be made of Nicolas Sorrosal. He plays with the Scots school band in Argentina. He really entered into the spirit of things by playing in the piping, running races, long jumping and tossing the caber.


Overall champion Craig Mitchell


  1. Rory Menzies
  2. Craig Mitchell
  3. Lewis Stewart

Strathspey and Reel

  1. Craig Mitchell
  2. Rory Menzies
  3. Sarah Keir


  1. Craig Mitchell 
  2. Rory Menzies
•Rory Menzies being tuned up by his mum. Rory is at Robert Gordon’s College in Aberdeen which has a thriving piping programme run by Jason Sumner. Rory plays with The National Youth Pipe Band.