The CLASP Grade 2 World Amateur Solo Piping Competitions took place at St Aloysius Convent Chapel on August 10 as part of Piping Live! 2022. The results were as follows:

Grade 2 Overall Winner – Alisdair Beaton

•CLASP Grade 2 winner, Alisdair Beaton, with judge Andrea Boyd


  1. Donald Morrison 
  2. Dorothy Moodie 
  3. Laura McEwan

2/4 March 

  1. John Nevans
  2. Alisdair Beaton
  3. Donald Morrison


  1. David Richardson
  2. Donald Morrison
  3. Alisdair Beaton 


  1. John Nevans
  2. Alisdair Beaton
  3. David Richardson
•The Grade 2 competitors and judge Andrea Boyd at The World Amateur Solo Piping Competition at Piping Live! 2022

The next CLASP events to follow Piping Live! are at Chatsworth Country Fair, Saturday September 3; the CLASP Workshop Weekend on October 7 and 8 which is online and at The National Piping Centre; and The CLASP ‘Live Online’ on November 12, 2022. More details here.