Donald MacPherson in the spotlight of this week’s episode of The Piping Show


This week’s episode of The Piping Show features an interview with the daughters of the legendary Donald MacPherson speaking to Dr. Andrew Bova about their father’s practice routine, his perfectionism and the sound of his pipes among other things.

In his usual historical artefact presentation, Andrew discuses the history of the Argyllshire Gathering and the Northern Meeting, showing some of the Gold Medals from these competitions that are in the collection of The National Piping Centre Museum.

We also get to see more adventures of the well-travelled Chanter MacDuck, who surely now has replaced the Pipe Band Chicken as the piping world’s poultry of choice. And sticking with the avian theme, Dr Andrew ends the show with one of Donald MacPherson classic tunes, The Curlew.

The Piping Show is directed, filmed, and edited by Paul Jennings

•David Shedden playing in the Donald MacPherson Celebration concert at Piping Live! this year. 2022 would have been Donald’s 100th birthday, and the concert was created to commemorate Donald’s huge legacy in the piping world. David was a student of Donald MacPherson, as was his father Stuart Shedden who presented the concert.