Weekend Piping Club for U17s at TNPC


The National Piping Centre launched their Weekend Piping Club on Saturday, September 3, and this first block will run over the next 11 weeks. The Club is aimed at young people aged-17 & under, with classes being taught in small groups at The National Piping Centre in McPhater Street. The teachers for Autumn/Winter term will be Robyn McKay, Ben Muir, Ceitidh NicDhòmhnaill and Ailis Sutherland.

Pictured are twins Ezra (on the left) and Ensay who attended the first weekend of the Club on Saturday. Both of them have been big fans of Ross Ainslie and Ali Hutton since they were three years old. The magazine was the first thing they spied when they walked into The National Piping Centre library.

The Club will take place on Saturdays and Sundays (depending on Sunday demand), and there are two levels available for complete beginners or children who have already taken up the instrument.

When you make your booking, choose either Saturday or Sunday as the day which you wish to attend. The course will take place over the next 11 weeks on the day of your choice, although Sunday lessons may be changed if not enough bookings are taken.

Complete Beginners* Aged 17&U
Time: 10am-11am (1 hour class)
Cost £80 for 12 weeks on either Saturday or Sunday
Course covers: This course will include exercises and demonstrations, taught by ear using TNPC Tutorbook.

*Please note: practice chanters and books can be purchased from the Bagpipe Shop in-person or online

Pipers (Aged 17&U)
Time: 10am-12 noon (2 hour class)
Cost: £120 for 12 weeks on either Saturday or Sunday
Course covers: This course will focus on Technique, Repertoire & Performance Practice

Book your place now: https://www.thepipingcentre.co.uk/learn/group-sessions/weekend-piping-club/weekend-piping-club-booking-form