The National Piping Centre launched a YouTube channel earlier this year and for the past month has been very busy recording and editing The Piping Show and adding a new episode every week.

There are currently five episodes online and the format is fast-paced, informative and entertaining. The episodes so far have had weekly news highlights, a historical artefact section presented by Dr Andrew Bova, an interview with a trad music personality, and the show ends with a few fine tunes from the presenter. The guests so far have been Ross Ainslie, Iain MacInnes, Ross Miller, Gary West and Marie Fielding and the presenters have been Finlay MacDonald, Dan Nevans and Ailis Sutherland.

There are also Piping Live! daily highlight movies from 2022 on the channel. These short movies give a taste of the music and the vibrant feel of the festival around the NPC venues, street cafe and Buchanan Street pipe band performances. The short interviews with performers and audience members emphasise just how much the festival week means to people, and if you have never been, just might encourage you to visit next year.

You can subscribe to the YouTube channel by following this link and don’t forget to ring the bell to be notified when new episodes are added to the channel.