The Springbank Invitational Competition was held today, September 17, at the Argyll Arms Hotel, Campbeltown. The overall winner was Angus MacColl and the runner up was Willie McCallum, decided on the piobaireachd and MSR.

This year’s invitees were Alasdair Henderson, Ben Duncan, Finlay Johnston, Glenn Brown, Willie McCallum, Angus MacColl, Sarah Muir and Gordon McCready. Judges this year were Dr Angus MacDonald, Willie Morrison and John Wilson.

The results were as follows:

•Angus MacColl


  1. Angus MacColl
  2. Glenn Brown
  3. Willie McCallum
  4. Sarah Muir


  1. Alasdair Henderson
  2. Willie McCallum
  3. Sarah Muir
  4. Angus MacColl

6/8 March

  1. Willie McCallum
  2. Alasdair Henderson
  3. Sarah Muir
  4. Angus MacColl

Hornpipe & Jig

  1. Alasdair Henderson
  2. Angus MacColl
  3. Sarah Muir
  4. Finlay Johnston
•Willie McCallum