The United States National World War 1 Museum in Kansas City, MO – – is in search of a set of vintage bagpipes that have WWI provenance, being used, played, or owned by someone who fought in that war. The pipes will be added to the museum’s permanent collection for feature display.

ww1 band lead
The Pipes & Drums of Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry leading the regiment during World War 1.

The National World War 1 Museum has been in existence since 1921, and has the largest and most comprehensive collection of WW1 artifacts in the world. The museum has been searching for nearly two years without success, and realise that such a set of pipes will be rare and precious.

The piping community in the Midwest of the US have the financial resources to pay for acquisition costs, and as well as featuring the pipes in the permanent exhibits, they are keen to support an annual competition to select a piper to serve as the piper for the museum and ideally play the pipes at special events. If anyone can help the in search for these pipes, email Susan Porter on