Top quality YouTube content from The Piping Show and the Glenfiddich


The most recent episode from The Piping Show features two-time Glenfiddich winner Finlay Johnstone being interviewed by National Piping Centre tutor, and Gold Medal winner, Wilson Brown.

Wilson’s questions about Finlay’s humility and self-criticism give an interesting insight into the mind of a top prize-winning piper, and perhaps highlights some of the qualities needed to succeed in the highest competitions.

•Finlay Johnston with the Glenfiddich trophy in 2018.

Another top quality video added to The National Piping Centre’s channel in the last 24hrs is a recording of Willie McCallum playing his Glenfiddich prize-winning MSR in October 2022. Winning the MSR competition contributed to Willie becoming the overall champion of the prestigious Glenfiddich Piping Championship this year.