CLASP announce the overall winners of the ‘Live Online’ league


The Competition League for Amateur Solo Pipers has announced the winners of their ‘Live Online’ Leagues for 2022. The winners are: Grade 1, Charles-David Mitchell (Canada); Grade 2, Alasdair Beaton (Scotland); Grade 3, Pierrick Monnier (Switzerland); and Grade 4, Sheila Stewart (Canada). Congratulations to the four winners!

CLASP has launched another ‘Live Online’ competition series and the dates for 2023 are: February 11, May 6 and November 11. A link to the information page for the February 11, 2023 ‘Live Online’ competition can be found here.

Dates for a series of in-person competitions confirmed so far for 2023, including some Highland Games, can be found on the CLASP website home page at

•Grade 1 – ‘Live Online’ League Winner 2022 – Charles-David Mitchell (Canada)
Grade 2 – ‘Live Online’ League Winner 2022 – Alasdair Beaton (Scotland)
•Grade 3 – ‘Live Online’ League Winner 2022 – Pierrick Monnier (Switzerland)
•Grade 4 – ‘Live Online’ League Winner 2022 – Sheila Stewart (Canada)