The Competition League for Amateur Solo Pipers has announced the winners of their ‘Live Online’ Leagues for 2022. The winners are: Grade 1, Charles-David Mitchell (Canada); Grade 2, Alasdair Beaton (Scotland); Grade 3, Pierrick Monnier (Switzerland); and Grade 4, Sheila Stewart (Canada). Congratulations to the four winners!

CLASP has launched another ‘Live Online’ competition series and the dates for 2023 are: February 11, May 6 and November 11. A link to the information page for the February 11, 2023 ‘Live Online’ competition can be found here.

Dates for a series of in-person competitions confirmed so far for 2023, including some Highland Games, can be found on the CLASP website home page at

•Grade 1 – ‘Live Online’ League Winner 2022 – Charles-David Mitchell (Canada)
Grade 2 – ‘Live Online’ League Winner 2022 – Alasdair Beaton (Scotland)
•Grade 3 – ‘Live Online’ League Winner 2022 – Pierrick Monnier (Switzerland)
•Grade 4 – ‘Live Online’ League Winner 2022 – Sheila Stewart (Canada)