The Ardmore Cup Invitational was held today, February 25, in St Declan’s Village Hall, Ardmore, Waterford. The contest was organised by Eric M. Stein who also runs the SunBelt competition which took place in November in Orlando, Florida.

The competitors were Alen Tully, Kris Coyle, Julian Dorman, Chris Earls, Angus MacColl, William McCallum, Ashley McMichael, Fred Morrison, Connor Sinclair and James Stone. Judges were Ian Duncan, Ronan Maguire and Richard Parkes. The full results were as follows:


  1. Connor Sinclair
  2. Willie McCallum
  3. Fred Morrison
  4. Alen Tully
  5. Ashley McMichael


  1. Fred Morrison
  2. Angus MacColl
  3. Connor Sinclair
  4. Chris Earls
  5. Alen Tully

Overall winner: Connor Sinclair

•Organiser of the Ardmore Cup, Eric Stein, with Connor Sinclair and Stephen Power who was the sponsor of the event. Photo: Collette O Connor