Piping Live! – Glasgow International Piping Festival is excited to announce a competition for emerging talent. The competition gives new UK-based acts the chance to compete for a slot on the festival’s popular Street Café Stage and Festival Club, and be part of the 20th edition of the world’s biggest week of piping. 

To enter, acts must supply a link to one track on Soundcloud (or another streaming platform), plus a link to a video of them performing live (even if this is simply recorded at home). The competition is free to enter and will lead to a paid performance at this year’s festival.

•Fionnllagh playing on the Piping Live! street cafe stage at Piping Live 2022.

A panel of judges, including Festival Director, Finlay MacDonald and John Mulhearn will be looking for a high level of musicianship, as well as originality and creativity. Acts do not need to include bagpipes in their line-up but preference will be given to those that do. Entries will close on the April 30.

Last year’s event saw five talented young groups from across Scotland perform as part of the Emerging Talent series, which was sponsored by the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. 

Finlay MacDonald said: “Providing a platform for emerging talent has been an integral element of Piping Live! since the festival began. Acts such as RURA, started their career as part of the festival’s Emerging Talent strand over 10 years ago. Last year Falasgair and Fionnllagh amongst others performed to a brilliant standard. We are thrilled to open this opportunity up to a new generation of exciting bands and musicians.”

To apply, please send your track, video link as well as your name/group name and short bio to marketing@thepipingcentre.co.uk. Entries must be in before 5pm on Friday, April 30 to be considered for these performance slots.