Results from the LBPS annual competition

•First-prize winners from the recent LBPS competition.

The Lowland & Border Pipers’ Society held its annual competition on March 18. The venue was the Burgh Halls in Linlithgow. Norman MacLeod won the Martin Lowe Trophy for the most outstanding contribution to Lowland and Border piping. This was the second year in a row Norman was awarded the trophy.

Lee Moore and Neil Clark adjudicated, in addition to five different members of the audience in each category. John Saunders judges the overseas category.

The results were:

Seasoned Pipers: 1. Pete Stewart, Haddington (The Old Stewart’s Come Again, Sleepy Body, [both from Oswald’s Caledonian Companion], Old Highland Laddie); 2. John Kelly (In Praise of Maureen Mackenzie, Captain Carswell’s, Skye Tune).

Gordon Ewan

Intermediate: 1. Matt Mochar (The Mill, Mill O, My Love She’s But a Lassie Yet, Ranting Roving Robin, Burning of the Pipers’ Hut); 2. John Kelly (Wals Voor, Le Canal De Octobre, Galician March).

Novice: 1. Esti Arkotxa (The Sleeping Tune).

New Composition: 1. Gordon Ewan, Kirriemuir (Linlithgow Burgh Halls); 2. Pete Stewart (The Claim of Right); 3. Matt Seattle (The Maze Ahint Traquair).

Skeely Piper: 1. Norman MacLeod, Milngavie (Saw Ye Never a Bonny Lass); 2. Iain Gelston (Angela, Miss Denton’s Fancy); 3. Stuart Letford (Variation 3 of Lament for Mary MacLeod, Maggie Lauder, Pretty Marion).

Open Solo Scottish Smallpipes: 1. Norman MacLeod (Young And Lusty Was I, Rattling Roving Willie); 2. Stuart Letford (Ye Banks and Braes of Bonnie Doon; The Birks of Endermay; Broken At Branxton, Gowd a Gowpens); 3. Pete Stewart (Trixie, Kilt Thy Coat Maggie, Dicke’s Away [Dixon ms]).

Duel for Pipes and Other Instrument: 1. Abbey and Esti Arkotxa, Durness (Lady Lucy, Miss Stewart of Grantully, Sir George Mackenzie); 2. Gordon Ewan and Matt Seattle (Appletreeleaves is Meikle Better, Lothian Lads), 3. Matt Seattle and Gordon Ewan (Barbara Allan, Drops of Brandy).

•Mum and daughter: Abbey and Esti Arkotxa.

Solo Pipe and Song: 1. Judy Barker, Dunfermline (Right for You); 2. Matt Mochar (The Loch Tay Boat Song).

Duet for Pipes – 1. Bill Bennett and Stuart Letford, Perthshire (Farewell to Govan, Bloody Fields of Flanders, Bonnie Lass O’ Fyvie); 2. John Kelly and Anne Duncan (Rose of Allandale, Stirling Bridge); Bill Telfer and Matt Seattle (Theme for the Early Days of a Better Nation).

Judy Barker (left) and Norman MacLeod.

Open Solo Scottish Border Pipes: 1. Gordon Ewan (Penguin Café, The Boy’s Lament for His Dragon, Campbell’s Farewell to the Redcastle); 2. Matt Seattle (Pearlin Peggies Bonny, Keilder Lasses, Lassies of Melrose, Irene’s Tune); 3. John Thompson.

Overseas: 1. Aart Dersjant (The Bear Dance, Unite the Clans); 2. Ludo Van den Bussche, Flanders (Loch Broom Bay, Ye Banks and Braes o’ Bonnie Doon, Roses of Prince Charlie, Killiekrankie, The Bonny Lass o’ Fyvie, Barnyards of Delgaty). 

Judges: Lee Moore, Neil Clark and John Saunders.

•The unique trophies up for grabs at the LBPS annual competition.