Generous funds available from Balmoral and EUSPBA for scholarships


This year, the Eastern United States Pipe Band Association is offering eight $250.00 scholarships, to be awarded to either pipers or drummers, and to be used for schools, lessons or workshops. The Balmoral School of Piping & Drumming have also announced that they will provide matching funds to any recipient of an EUSPBA scholarship who chooses to use their scholarship to attend a Balmoral 2023 summer school in East Stroudsburg or Edinboro, PA.

Interested students should apply for scholarships on the EUSPBA site here. To claim the matching funds, those awarded scholarships simply register for either one of two Balmoral Summer Piping & Drumming Camps.

In addition to the matching funds for these scholarships, Balmoral is offering early registration discounts and band discounts for their camps, as well as discounts for those who refer new students. Those who register by May 15 will get a $50 discount toward tuition. Students who refer new students will receive a $50 discount for each new student referred. Bands will receive a $50 discount per person when three or more students attend from the same band.

In order to encourage more drummers to attend the Balmoral 2023 piping & drumming camps, drummers are being offered a reduced rate to the Balmoral summer program. Tuition for overnight drumming students, including room & all meals, is $695. Tuition for drumming day students, including lunch & dinner, will be $495.

Balmoral also offers a limited amount of financial aid, based on need and/or merit. Please, call their office at (412) 323-2707 to inquire. To learn more about the Balmoral camps visit: