•Callum Beaumont at Piping Live! in 2013. JohnSlavin@designfolk.com/Bagpipe.news

The prestigious competition honouring the musical legacy of PM Donald MacLeod was held in Stornoway yesterday, April 7. Organised by the Lewis and Harris Piping Society, the pipers who took part in the 2023 Pipe Major Donald MacLeod Memorial Invitational Solo Piping Competition were: William McCallum, Angus D MacColl, Callum Beaumont, Finlay Johnston, Connor Sinclair, Glenn Brown and James Duncan Mackenzie.

The overall winner was Callum Beaumont. The runner-up was ‘local boy’ James Duncan Mackenzie who is from the village of Back in Lewis, and the announcement of his placement was warmly appreciated by the audience. The full results were as follows:


  1. Callum Beaumont
  2. James Duncan Mackenzie
  3. Glenn Brown
  4. Willie McCallum


  1. Callum Beaumont
  2. James Duncan Mackenzie
  3. Angus MacColl
  4. Finlay Johnston

Hornpipe & Jig

  1. Angus MacColl
  2. Willie McCallum
  3. Callum Beaumont
  4. James Duncan Mackenzie
    Judges: Murray Henderson, Colin MacLellan and Willie Morrison
•James Duncan Mackenzie at Piping Live! in 2021. JohnSlavin@designfolk.com/Bagpipe.news