The Scottish Pipers Association Professional competition was held in The National Piping Centre today April 22. The overall winner was Roddy MacLeod and the full results were as follows:

C Grade Piobaireachd
1stKeith Bowes£70
2nd Finlay Frame£40
3rd Robbie MacIsaac£20
4th Andrew Smith
5th Kyle Shead

C Grade Marches
1stScott Garden£40
2nd Daniel Johnstone£25
3rd Andrew Smith£20
4th Finlay Frame
5th Kyle Shead
C Grade Strathspey and Reel
1st Finlay Frame£40
2nd Daniel Johnstone£25
3rd Scott Garden£20
4th Kyle Shead
B Grade Piobaireachd
1stEirean Ianetta-MacKay – The SPA Shield£80
2nd Luke Kennedy£50
3rd Brodie Watson-Massey£30
4th Anna Kummerlow
5th Cameron May

•Callum Wynd was the winner of the B Grade and Open Strathspey and Reel. Photo: JohnSlavin /
B Grade Marches
1stAndrew Hall – The Donaldson Barclay Quaich£50
2nd Callum Wynd£30
3rd Stuart McCallum £25
4th Bobby Allan
5th John Dew
B Grade Strathspey and Reel
1st Callum Wynd – The RBS Trophy£50
2nd Andrew Hall £30
3rd Stuart McCallum £25
4th Bobby Allan
5th John Dew

•Andrew Hall was the winner of the B Grade and the Open Marches. Photo: JohnSlavin /
Open Marches
1stAndrew Hall – Donald MacDougall Trophy£80
2nd Callum Wynd£60
3rd Stuart McCallum £30
4th Bobby Allan 
5th John Dew 
Open Strathspey and Reel
1st Callum Wynd – Duncan MacIntyre Trophy£80
2nd Andrew Hall £60
3rd Stuart McCallum £30
4th Bobby Allen 
5th John Dew

Open Piobaireachd
1stRoderick J MacLeod – The Donald Macleod Trophy£100
2nd Darach Urquhart £70
3rd John Mulhearn £40
4th Steven Leask
5th Calum Watson
6/8 March
1st Roderick J MacLeod – Duncan MacFadyen Memorial Trophy£50

•John Dew won the Former Winners MSR. Photo: JohnSlavin /
Former Winners MSR
1stJohn Dew – The Eachen Caimbeul Trophy£100
2nd Roderick J MacLeod £70
3rd John Mulhearn £40
4th Callum Wynd 
5th William Geddes 
Overall Winner: Donald MacLean Trophy
1st Roderick J MacLeod £50

•First prize winners for the SPA Professional Competition 2023: from left, Scott Garden, Finlay Frame, Keith Bowes, Andrew Hall, Roddy MacLeod, Eirean Ianetta-MacKay, Calum Wynd and John Dew. Photo: JohnSlavin /