The Piper and the Maker II ~ Celebrating C 

Twenty years after a lively night in Pitlochry where the first Piper and the Maker album was recorded live, pipe-makers Hamish & Fin Moore felt the time was right for another CD. With some of Scotland’s finest pipers playing Moore pipes, this recording showcases their Scottish Smallpipes in the key of C. These beautiful pipes have a lovely bright tone, they’re great for playing tunes and are often a favourite key for vocalists. 

The Piper and the Maker II ~ Celebrating C, was recorded over four days in Butterstone Village Hall. This endearing Perthshire Hall, close to the Moores’ pipe-making workshop in Funart, allowed the recording to have a live sound, and the pipes and artists to shine in a natural environment. The line-up makes this a very special collection of music and songs. As well as many traditional pieces, the pipers took the opportunity to debut some original compositions. 

Solo instrumental tracks come from Hamish Moore, Brìghde Chaimbeul, Gary West, Angus MacKenzie and Ross Ainslie, as well as two duo tracks from piper Seonaidh MacIntyre and fiddler Ewen Henderson and the pipes and viola pairing of Fin Moore & Sarah Hoy. Songs with pipe accompaniment are finely delivered by Calum Alex Macmillan, Steve Byrne, Allan MacDonald and Margaret Stewart with Ewen Henderson on smallpipes. 

The final cut is a quartet of pipers, playing a four-part harmony version of Lullaby for Mel, which was written and arranged by Ross Ainslie. This track features two brand new sets of pipes that were purchased to help make the recording possible. 

Hamish and Fin Moore have been making Scottish pipes for nearly 40 years, with Hamish starting in 1986 and Fin following in his father’s footsteps when he left  school in 1997. As well as the bellows-blown Scottish smallpipes, they make Reel Pipes, Border Pipes and Highland Pipes and have made over 1000 sets that are played all over the world. With help from many other master craftsmen over the years, they take pride in all the instruments being handmade in the best natural materials that they can find and this creates a unique feel and sound to each set. 

‘I will admit these pipes could be the finest ever made

But that would count for not one thing if they were never played….

..…The pipes unlocked the music that was waiting in your soul

And you unlocked the instrument and made the circle whole.’

The lyrics quoted are from a song written by Mairi Campbell and David Francis and dedicated to Hamish. Its story perfectly describes the relationship between the maker, piper and their instrument. Hamish and Fin have always felt that their pipes come alive when a player’s character blends with their pipes, creating an individual style and sound. Hopefully the listener will sense this, as each track celebrates this connection, making the circle whole. 

The CD and Download are available via Hamish and Fin Moore’s Bandcamp Page

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