Brian Spalding has taken over from James Beaton as Piping Secretary at the Inveraray Highland Games, and he contacted recently with the information below for this year’s solo piping entries.

The Inveraray Highland Games takes place in the grounds of Inveraray Castle on Tuesday, July 18, 2023. Solo piping entries for the Games are now being accepted and must arrive with the Piping Secretaries no later than 23.59hrs on Friday June 23.

The Senior entry form can be found here –

The Junior entry form can be found here –

All senior competitions are limited to the first 25 entries received, a draw will take place after the closing date and if required a reserve list will be used. Competitors not picked in the draw will be notified and refunded through PayPal. Entry Fees: Chanter £1.00; Junior events £3.00; all other events £5.00

Required Tunes

Please note on the day of the competition the following number of tunes must be submitted to the judges:

Junior Under 18 Open – 2 Piobaireachds; 2 Marches; 2 Strathspeys/Reels

Grade C – 3 Piobaireachds; 3 Marches; 3 Strathspeys; 3 Reels

Grade P, A & B – 4 Piobaireachds; 4 Marches; 4 Strathspeys; 4 Reels

(Changes to piobaireachd tunes must be submitted to no later than July 7, 2023)

If you have any queries please contact the piping team at


  • Entry to the competition includes form and payment. Competitors will only be entered into their chosen event(s) once they complete the entry form and full payment has been received.
  • Any competitor who is unable to attend the competition after entry must notify the Secretaries at the very latest on the day before competition. Failure to do this without reason may result in refusal of entry in subsequent years.
  • Competitors must report to the Secretaries tent on arrival to register. Once registered, competitors will be requested to confirm their attendance with the designated platform steward.
  • Competitors must be in attendance no later than the advertised reporting time or other notified time, failing which they will only be allowed to play at the discretion of Secretaries and Piping Convenor.
  • The order of play will be adhered to as far as is possible, but the committee reserve the right to alter this is in the opinion of the Piping Convenor, circumstances so require.
  • Each senior competition will be limited to a maximum entry of 25 competitors on a first-come first-served basis.
  • In the senior piobaireachd competitions, each player will be advised of their tune by the judge when they approach the platform.
  • Failure to observe any of these rules or instructions of the stewards may result in disqualification and/or refusal of entry in subsequent years. While every effort will be made to ensure that the competition runs as details above, the Piping Convenor reserves the right to make any changes necessitated by unforeseen circumstances.