Fred Morrison was the winner of the Dunvegan Medal at the Skye Gathering, held on August 8 and 9 in Portree.

There was initially a tie for the overall winner prize between Fred and Ben Duncan, but it was settled by the rule book which states that Piobaireachd weighting is the deciding factor. Fred’s Dunvegan Medal won the day for him.

Dunvegan Medal winner Fred Morrison. Photo: Cailean Maclean

Dunvegan Medal

  1. Fred Morrison, MacLeod of Colbeck’s Lament
  2. Darach Urquhart, Earl of Ross’s March
  3. Steven Leask, Lament for Donald Duaghal MacKay
  4. Nick Hudson, Rory MacLeod’s Lament
  5. Ben Duncan, Rory MacLeod’s Lament

6/8 March

  1. Derek Midgley
  2. Keith Bowes
  3. Darach Urquhart
  4. Fred Morrison
  5. Piers Dover

Hornpipe & Jig

  1. Fred Morrison
  2. Finlay Cameron
  3. Ben Duncan
  4. Cameron May
  5. Jamie Forrester

Col. Jock MacDonald Clasp 

  1. Derek Midgley
  2. Fred Morrison
  3. Sarah Muir
•Derek Midgley was the winner of the Col. Jock MacDonald Clasp, which is for previous winners of the Dunvegan Medal. Photo: Cailean Maclean

Kemble Star – March

  1. Ben Duncan
  2. Jamie Forrester
  3. Cameron May
  4. Keith Bowes
  5. Fred Morrison
  6. Darach Urquhart

Peter MacFarquhar Star – Strathspey & Reel

  1. Ben Duncan
  2. Fred Morrison
  3. Steven Leask
  4. Sarah Muir
  5. Nick Hudson
  6. Alistair Brown

U18 Open Piobaireachd

  1. Hector Finlayson
  2. Seonaidh Forrest
  3. Sam DeVries

U18 Open MSR

  1. Hector Finlayson
  2. Seonaidh Forrest
  3. Sam DeVries