The solo piping events at the Royal National Mòd took place yesterday, Saturday, October 14 in Paisley. Junior piping took place at the town’s Wynd Centre, while senior competitors played in the Jacquard Suite and The Spinning Shed within the newly refurbished Paisley Town Hall.

The Mòd runs until Saturday, October 21, bringing fans of Gaelic music and culture together once again to celebrate the language, history and future of the Gaels, with a packed programme of cultural activities, competitions, concerts, workshops and more.

•Roddy McLeod MBE

In the senior piping competitions, the Pìobaireachd and the March, Strathspey and Reel Premier and A Grade competitions were both won by former Director of The National Piping Centre, Roddy McLeod MBE.

Inverness’ Angus Macphee won the B Grade Piobaireachd, while Bradley Parker won the B Grade March, Strathspey and Reel competition.

•Arran Green

Arran Green, 16 years old from Bannockburn High, scooped a triple win. Arran took home the W.G.G. Wilson Trophy for the 16-18 Piobaireachd, and the Royal Highland Fusiliers Cup for the 16-18 March, Strathspey and Reel, and also the Hornpipe and Jig, Col, Murdoch MacTaggart Bowmore Memorial Trophy.

•Lennox Munro

Kinross High School pupil Lennox Munro, won the Under 16 Roderick Munro Quaich for 2/4 March. The 15-year-old from Glenfarg also took the Under 16 Lighting Electrical Cup for his Strathspey and Reel.

A link to the Mòd 2023 programme can be found here, and the official Royal National Mòd website is