Solo piping results from 83rd competition of the Scottish Piping Society of London


Finlay Johnston was announced as the overall winner of the 83rd annual competition of the Scottish Piping Society of London on Saturday, November 4. Craig Muirhead was the A Grade overall winner, and Bradley Parker won the B Grade overall, and Arran Green was the overall Junior winner.

Finlay’s win secures his invite to the Glenfiddich Piping Championship in 2024. The evening before, Friday 3, Roddy MacLeod was the winner of the Bratach Gorm as reported here.

Roddy MacLeod is presented with the Bratach Gorm for 2023

Open Piobaireachd – William Gillies Memorial Trophy

  1. Finlay Johnston
  2. Nick Hudson
  3. Glenn Brown
  4. Bruce Gandy
  5. Andrew Donlon

Premier Grade double March – JB Robertson Rose Bowl

  1. Finlay Johnston
  2. Chris Armstrong
  3. Angus J MacColl

Premier Grade double MSR – London Medallion and John MacFadyen Quaich

  1. Finlay Johnston
  2. Bruce Gandy
  3. Angus J MacColl
  4. Chris Armstrong
  5. Alan Bevan

Premier Grade Hornpipe/Jig – Mary Flora Beaton Cup

  1. Fred Morrison
  2. Angus MacColl
  3. Roddy MacLeod

Overall Grade A winner – Terry Maginn Trophy: Craig Muirhead

A Grade Piobaireachd – RG Lawrie Ram’s Horn Snuff Mull

  1. Calum Brown
  2. Ben Duncan
  3. Gordon Bruce
  4. Derek Midgley
  5. Angus J. MacColl

A Grade MSR – The Strachan Memorial

  1. Jamie Forrester
  2. Craig Muirhead
  3. John Dew
  4. Nick Hudson
  5. Ben McClamrock

A Grade Hornpipe/Jig – Donald Forbes Medal

  1. Craig Muirhead
  2. John Dew
  3. Gordon Conn

Overall B Grade winner – Angus Nicol Award: Bradley Parker

B Grade Piobaireachd – John Roe Plate

  1. Cameron May
  2. Anna Kummerlow
  3. Bradley Parker
  4. Angus MacPhee
  5. John Dew

B Grade MSR – London Scottish Hodden Grey

  1. Bradley Parker
  2. Brodie Watson-Massey
  3. Angus MacPhee
  4. Dan Nevans
  5. Keith Bowes

B Grade Hornpipe/Jig – Hugh MacMillan Trophy

  1. Angus MacPhee
  2. Brodie Watson-Massey
  3. Alastair Donaghy

Overall Junior Winner – Jim Caution Memorial Quaich:  Arran Green

SPSL Junior Piobaireachd

  1. Andrew Pattison
  2. Arran Green
  3. Ryan McCreadie

Junior MSR – SPSL British Airways Pipe Band Trophy

  1. Arran Green
  2. Andrew Pattison
  3. Ryan McCreadie

Junior Slow Air and Jig – Highland and Islands Society Trophy

  1. Arran Green
  2. Andrew Pattison
  3. Ryan McCreadie
•SPSL 2023 winners from left: Finlay Johnston, Angus MacPhee, Cameron May, Arran Green, Andrew Pattison, Callum Brown, Craig Muirhead, Bradley Parker and Jamie Forrester