RSPBA shows optimism on finding alternatives for Major championships

Scottish Pipe Band Championships, Dumbarton, 2009. ©

The Royal Scottish Pipe Band Association posted a press release yesterday, December 22, which indicates there has been some progress in finding solutions to replace three Major Championships.

Each Major Championship is a highlight on the calendar for many pipers, drummers, families and friends, and surely a big part of the motivation to be part of a competing pipe band is to attend these ‘major’ days out. It is concerning that three of these cultural events may not go ahead.

At the moment the only two Majors that have been confirmed for 2024 are the Scottish Pipe Band Championships in Dumbarton on July 27, and the World Championships in Glasgow on August 16 and 17.

The world has changed since we were locked down, and in the wake of the pandemic, everyone – including the councils who previously staged the events – has probably felt that change financially in some way.

Hopefully the RSPBA, local councils, big sponsors or a pipe-band orientated business person will be able to find a solution and get the Europeans, the UK and the British championships back on the calendar.

RSPBA Press Release • By Colin Mulhern

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Championship Progress Update

The Board of Directors are working hard to find alternative solutions for the three Major Championships yet to be confirmed. We are exploring a number of different options, and discussions are currently ongoing with various parties to secure a solution.

One option being actively explored is building a Major Championship on an already established local contest. A number of suitable events have been identified and discussions are currently underway to agree the feasibility of this option.

We hope to be able to confirm the position in the New Year.

The Board of Directors