Results from the Vale of Atholl junior competition 2024


The Vale of Atholl Pipe Band Junior Piping and Drumming Competition was held on Saturday, January 20, in Pitlochry High School. With more than 130 entries, it was their biggest competition ever.

•Paul McKay

Paul McKay from Seattle, USA, who attends Dollar Academy, was the overall Champion Piper on the day. Kenzie Philliban was the Runner Up on a Ceòl Mòr preference and he receives the Bank of Scotland Shield. Champion Piper for 15 and Under was Lachlan Rennie and runner up was Kai Hay. The full results are.


Ceòl Mòr Under 15-18 (The Bank of Scotland Shield)

  1. Kenzie Philliban
  2. Jamie Willbourn
  3. Paul McKay
  4. Angus Robson
  5. Daniel McLeod
  6. Brooklyn Morris
    Judge: Derek Fraser

Ceòl Mòr Under 15 (The Clan Donnachaid Tankard)

  1. Lachlan Rennie
  2. Hamish Stephens
  3. Finton Haworth
  4. Callan Erskine
  5. Sandy Watson
  6. Toby Chapman
    Judge: Neill Mulvie

MSR, Age 15-18 (The PM Duncan Trophy)

  1. Alastair Leonard
  2. Paul McKay
  3. Callum Campbell
  4. Angus Robson
  5. Brooklyn Morris
  6. Oscar Poultney
    Judge: Logan Tannock

March, Under 15 (The Baxter Wilson Shield)

  1. Lachlan Rennie
  2. Rory Menzies
  3. Kai Hay
  4. Hamish Stephens
  5. Callan Erskine and Leo Watson – Equal
  6. Liam Beveridge
    Judge: Logan Tannock

Jig, Age 15-18 (The Vale of Atholl Pipe Band Cup)

  1. Jamie Willbourn
  2. Kenzie Philliban
  3. Sam Brass
  4. Paul McKay
  5. Daniel McLeod
  6. Nyree Howes
    Judge: Neill Mulvie

Jig, Under 15 (The College of Piping Trophy)

  1. Kai Hay
  2. Rory Menzies
  3. Callan Erskine
  4. Lachlan Rennie
  5. Finton Haworth
  6. Leo Watson
    Judge: Derek Fraser

Chanter, Age 9 and Under (The RT Shepherd & Son Trophy)

  1. Lewis Harrison
  2. Charlie Bell
  3. Jock Little
  4. Teddy Christie
  5. Carter Bannerman
    Judge: Josh Fraser

Chanter, Age 10-11 (The Atholl Highlanders’ Cup)

  1. Angus Gourlay
  2. Olly Stevenson
  3. Cameron Higgins
  4. Murray Geddes
  5. Olivia Gandy
  6. Ceilidh Marian Squires
    Judge: Josh Fraser
•Angus Gourlay

Chanter, Age 12-18 (The McDonald Bros. Cup)

  1. Dalin Keith
  2. Iona Balfour
  3. Innes Marr
  4. Roseanna Leburn
  5. Rory Ogg
  6. Jamie Watson and Emily Dillon – Equal
    Judge: Josh Fraser

Novice Piping, Age 12 and Under (The Pitlochry & District Tourist Association Trophy)

  1. Angus Gourlay
  2. Alexander Geddes
  3. Noah Lidell
  4. Murray McColl
  5. Jack Folan
  6. Mungo Stewart
    Judge: Derek Fraser

Novice Piping, Age 13-18 (The Abertay University Quaich)

  1. Nicholas Glenn
  2. Ben McGaughie
  3. Lewis Menzies
  4. Jordan Scott
  5. Finlay Lidell
  6. Alex Link
    Judge: Neill Mulvie


Pad, Age 10 and Under (The Gillie McNab Shield)

  1. Christian Scott-Vladimirov
  2. Struan Richardson
  3. Blair Parka
  4. Emily Harrison
  5. Logan Burke
    Judge: Allan Campbell

Pad: Age 11-18 (The Bank of Scotland Cup)

  1. Andrew Gillies
  2. Pippa Wallace
  3. Jensen Bannerman
  4. William Newell
  5. James Draper
  6. Natalie Morison
    Judge: Allan Campbell

Novice Side Drumming (The Dobson Quaich)

  1. Fraser Pearce
  2. 2. Sienna Scott-Vladimirov
  3. 3. Harrison Roemmele
  4. Maya Haston
  5. Niamh McGuire
  6. Declan Tomlinson
    Judge: Allan Campbell

MSR: Age 18 and Under (The President Erhard Penker Trophy)

  1. Emily Hough
  2. Joseph Charlton
  3. Cian McDonnell
  4. Angus McMillan
    Judge: Allan Campbell

M.S.R., 18 and Under

  1. Emily Hough
  2. Joseph Charlton
  3. Cian McDonnell
  4. Angus McMillan
    Judge: Allan Campbell

March, 18 and Under

  1. Mia Munro
  2. Nellie Luxford
  3. Alexander Christie
  4. Finlay Gray
  5. Caelyn Mathieson
  6. Lillie Brennan
    Judge: Allan Campbell

Novice Tenor (The Val Ferguson Shield)

  1. Kayli Folan
  2. Fynn Iannetta-Lowe
  3. Noah Beattie
  4. Declan Tomlinson
  5. Erin Beveridge
  6. Ruby Rumney and Reece Hut – equal
    Judge: Cameron Sinclair

Tenor: March, Age 18 and Under (The Kieran Downey Quaich)

  1. Surina Curley
  2. Madeleine Ettle
  3. Olivia Carson
  4. Noah Beattie
  5. Declan Tomlinson
  6. Erin Beveridge and Ruby Rumney – equal
    Judge: Cameron Sinclair

Tenor: MSR, Age 18 and Under (The Bonnethill Salver)

  1. Oran Salmond
    Judge: Cameron Sinclair

Special prizes

Piper Dress and Deportment (The DM Ian Cramb Trophy)

  1. Alistair Leonard
  2. Angus Robson
  3. Hamish Stephens

Drummer Dress and Deportment (The Vale Challenge Cup)

  1. Oran Salmond
  2. Cian McDonnell
  3. Isla Elder

Most Improved Piper in the Vale of Atholl Pipe Band (The Hugh Campbell Trophy)

  • Calum-James Bulloch

Most Improved Drummer in the Vale of Atholl Pipe Band (PM Duncan Tankard)

  • Isla Elder

Most Outstanding Prospect in the Vale of Atholl Pipe Band (PM Andy Renwick Trophy)

  • Lucy Ramsay