Scottish Pipers’ Association Professional Solo Piping Competition takes place on Saturday coming, April 6, at the National Piping Centre, McPhater Street in Glasgow city centre. The competitions start at 8.30am and entry for spectators is £5.00.

The event list, timetable and the draw for each competition is listed below.

NumberCompetition Event
1Open P/A Piobaireachd
2Former Winners M, S & R
3Open Marches
4Open Strathspeys and Reels
56/8 March (played during tuning time for Open P/A Piob)
6B Piobaireachd
7C Piobaireachd
8C Marches
9C Strathspeys and Reels
•Callum Wynd was the winner of the B Grade and Open Strathspey and Reel. Photo: JohnSlavin /
08:00Main doors open to the NPC McPhater Street. Registration opens.
0830Auditorium C PiobaireachdCollinson Room Open M and S&RRobertson Room C Grade M and S&R
Timings for the following events are approximate and are dependent on the finish time of the preceding competition. The SPA reserve the right to make changes to the start times / locations of events 1 and 6 to assist with the smooth running of the event. It is the responsibility of each piper to make sure they are aware when each competition will commence.  
13.00Collinson RoomOpen Piobaireachd 
13:00Robertson RoomB Piobaireachd 
16:00AuditoriumFormer Winners 
Timers will be used to assist with the smooth running of the competition. Please abide by the times for your event.
Open Piobaireachd and 6/8 March6/8 March to be
played during tuning time
5 Minutes
B Grade PiobaireachdC Grade Piobaireachd4 Minutes
All light music competitionsMinimal tuning between March and S&R in Open and C Grades3 Minutes

Competition 1 – P/A/Open Piobaireachd
Competitors to submit 4 tunes
Competition 5 – 6/8 Grade March Own Choice to be played during P/A/Open Piobaireachd tuning up 
DrawCompetitor No.Name
13Ben Duncan
253William McCallum
366William Geddes
457Sandy Cameron
561Gordon McCready
649Simon Marshall
764Eireann Iannetta-Mackay
817Cameron May
960John Mulhearn
1038Angus MacPhee

Competition 2 – Former Winners March, Strathspey and Reel
Submit four of each and play two of each
DrawCompetitor No.Name
147Callum Wynd
2 Winner of Open S&R
361Gordon McCready
434John Dew
560John Mulhearn
666William Geddes
749Simon Marshall
841Ben Duncan
946Andrew Hall
10 Winner of Open Marches
1153William McCallum

Competition 3 – March: Open & B Graded Competitors
Competition 4 – Strathspey & Reel: Open & B Graded Competitors
There will be trophies presented for B Grade Winners
Competitors to submit 4 of each
DrawCompetitor No. & Grade
150 B GradeChristopher McLeish
254Bradley Parker
327Brodie Watson-Massey
404Ashley McMichael
552 B GradeBen Mulhearn
622 B GradeBobby Allen
719 B GradeLuke Kennedy
838 B GradeAngus MacPhee
905 B GradeKyle Cameron
1017 B GradeCameron May
1132 B GradeFinlay Frame
1203 B GradeDaniel Johnstone
1342 B GradeJohn McDonald
1420 B GradeAndrew Smith
1555Craig Muirhead
1611 B GradeAlistair Brown
1747 B GradeCallum Wynd
1825 B GradeHector Munro
1933 B GradeKris Coyle
2057Sandy Cameron
2101 B GradeAlastair Murray
2215 B GradeRoss Conner
2345Michael Fitzhenry
2409 B GradeJonathon Simpson
2530 B GradeEdward Gaul
2607 B GradeAnna Kummerlöw

Competition 6 – B Grade Piobaireachd
Competitors to submit 3 Tunes
DrawCompetitor No.Name 
116John McDonald 
213Finlay Frame 
39Andrew Smith 
48Luke Kennedy 
510Bobby Allen 
62Ashley McMichael 
77Alex Gehrig 
91Alastair Murray 
1018Andrew Hall 
1112Edward Gaul 
123Kyle Cameron 
1322Bradley Parker 
146Alistair Brown 
1515John Dew 
1663Dan Nevans 
1765Cameron MacLeod 
1821Ben Mulhearn 
1914Kris Coyle 
2011Brodie Watson-Massey 
2162Neil Smith 
225Jonathon Simpson 
2320Christopher McLeish 
2417Michael Fitzhenry 
254Anna Kummerlöw 

Competition 7 – C Grade Piobaireachd
DrawCompetitor No.Name
135Andrew Graham
229Scott Mckay
316James Frazer
437Catriona Norman
523Iain Simpson
658Melissa Jeffrey
725Hector Munro
843Hazel Whyte
903Daniel Johnstone
1040Andrew Bell
1121Lewis Maxwell
1239Andrew Pattison
1359Robbie MacIsaac
1418Owen Muir
1551Peter F Skae
1626Cameron O’Neill
1756Stewart Dickson
1815Ross Conner
1913Norman Gillies
2010Gavin Greene
2128Kyle Shead
2231Calum Dunbar
2314Scott Mccaskill
2408Karen McCrindle Warren
2502Gill Cairns
2606Walter Glendinning
2744Bob Low
2855Craig Muirhead
2936John McElmurry

Competition 8 – C Grade March
Competition 9 – C Grade Strathspey & Reel
DrawCompetitor No.Name
106Walter Glendinning
248Callum Davidson
318Owen Muir
436John McElmurry
508Karen McCrindle Warren
628Kyle Shead
731Calum Dunbar
859Robbie MacIsaac
944Bob Low     WITHDRAWN
1039Andrew Pattison
1113Norman Gillies
1216James Frazer
1326Cameron O’Neill
1458Melissa Jeffrey
1556Stewart Dickson
1637Catriona Norman
1729Scott Mckay
1814Scott Mccaskill
1943Hazel Whyte
2002Gill Cairns
2112Alex Gehrig
2251Peter F Skae
2340Andrew Bell
2424Scott Garden
2510Gavin Greene
2621Lewis Maxwell
2735Andrew Graham
2823Iain Simpson