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Jimmy MacMillan and a young Jack Lee pictured in 1981 at a homecoming party to celebrate Jack winning the Inverness Gold Medal.

Remembering James MacMillan, 1911-2005

• From the September 2005 Piping Times. By Jack Lee I have often wondered how piping would have turned out in Vancouver if Jimmy McMillan hadn’t taught here. Would Terry and I have stuck with piping? Would the Simon Fraser University Pipe Band (SFU) even exist? Jimmy was the defining […]

The rose-tinted glasses of time

The rose-tinted glasses of time

GREY’S NOTES by Michael Grey Piping Today #58, 2012. There’s one sure thing about being involved in the piping game: there’s never a shortage of memory-making material. The bagpipe seems to have a way of finding the centre of the most percolating social action. Or maybe it’s the pipes that […]

The well fed, joyful, assembled company. I haven’t a Scooby where Waldo is but get out your magnifying glass – how many faces can you identify? Photo: Derek Maxwell.

An evening to remember

• From the February 2017 Piping Times By Brian D. Yates It is not often that an idea for a new and different kind of piping event unfolds, takes shape, and then – crucially – becomes a success but we are fortunate to have just such a one. The Captain […]