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"… microscopically massage the wood perched on their loving shoulders."

‘Eallach’ – a burdensome word

By Keith Sanger During the talk, ‘Ceol Mor and its Gaelic Definitive Terms’ given at the 1987 Piobaireachd Society Conference, a mention was made of the term ‘Eallach’ used for the double echo played on low A. Apart from confirming that the translation as “burden” given by Major General C. […]

Piobaireachd names in Gaelic – curios, mix-ups and puzzles

Piobaireachd names in Gaelic – curios, mix-ups and puzzles

• From the January 2008 Piping Times. By Angus Nicol The End of the Great Bridge or ‘Ceann Drochaid Mhoire’ (ceown drochitch voiruh) is something of a mix-up. Drochaid is feminine, so it should, in the genitive, be drochaide. But with the article it na drochaide (nuh drochitchuh). So the […]

Christian Krohg's depiction from 1899 of
King Olaf presenting a sword to Icelandic skald, Sigvat the Skald (995-1045).

The origins of ceòl mòr, a theory – part 2

• From the May 1980 Piping Times. By Bridget MacKenzie This is the second of a series of articles by Mrs. Bridget MacKenzie on the interesting parallel between Scottish ceòl mòr and Norse skaldic verse. In some of the less regular piobaireachd, some interpreters phrase the music in such a […]