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Royal visit 1822 – Pipers and the Clan Chiefs

Royal visit 1822 – Pipers and the Clan Chiefs

PART THREE by JEANNIE CAMPBELL MBE. Although none of the pipers in the parades and other events were named in the newspaper reports several can be identified with some certainty. It is also possible that some of the pipers and dancers who had played or danced in the competition earlier […]

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Royal visit 1822 – the Edinburgh competition

PART TWO by JEANNIE CAMPBELL MBE. Not long before the Royal visit the Edinburgh piping competition was held as usual at the Theatre Royal and was reported in the papers on August 3, 1822.  The competition had been held on the previous Tuesday and was judged by 18 members of […]

Royal visit to Edinburgh 1822  – the background

Royal visit to Edinburgh 1822 – the background

PART ONE by JEANNIE CAMPBELL MBE. Two hundred years ago Edinburgh was in a frenzy of Royal celebrations equal to those in London in 2022. This was to mark the visit by George IV, the first of the Hanoverian kings to visit Scotland. George IV succeeded to the throne on […]

Bellows pipers return for annual ‘blow out’

Enthusiasts of Scotland’s other piping tradition – the bellows-blown Lowland one – will gather in the Scottish Borders town of Galashiels on October 30. The 2021 annual conference (the ‘collogue’) of the Lowland & Border Pipers’ Society (LBPS) will go ahead in person and will feature three guest speakers: James […]

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Stories of the tunes: Pibroch of Donald Dubh

Today we begin an occasional series looking at the stories behind some of our well known tunes. We kick off with Pibroch of Donald Dubh, an old tune that was originally a pibroch but which was developed subsequently into ceòl beag (there are excellent march, jig, reel, quickstep and hornpipe […]