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"… microscopically massage the wood perched on their loving shoulders."

The time (wasting) machine

As the Piping Times always acknowledged, sometimes its Letters pages contained more enjoyable reading than the rest of the magazine. Here is an example. It is a letter written by Allan Hamilton – he of Pipers’ Persuasion – to Seumas MacNeill and published in the June 1996 PT. Allan had […]

Bagpipe.News serialises The International Piper

Bagpipe.News serialises The International Piper

As of today, BagpipeNews is delighted to begin an occasional series of articles combed from the pages of The International Piper. We are grateful to Colin MacLellan for allowing us to delve into the pages of his parents’ short-lived monthly magazine. The International Piper was founded in 1978 by the […]