Pipe Idol 2019 contestants announced

2018 Pipe Idol finalists

The 16 pipers aged 21 and younger who will compete at Piping Live! in August for the title of Pipe Idol 2019 have been announced.

There are four rounds, each with four pipers, held at 15:30 on Monday-Thursday of the festival. Contestants are required to play an MSR, a Hornpipe & Jig, and a medley of their own choice.

The winners of each round are decided by a small number of anonymous judges in the audience. The winners then compete in a Grand Final.

The 2019 contestants are:

Hamish-Reade, last year's Pipe Idol winner and Fred Morrison.
Hamish Reade, last year’s Pipe Idol winner, with event sponsor, Fred Morrison.

Monday (August 12)
1. Aiden Bestwick, Australia;
2. Luke Kennedy, Scotland;
3. Liam MacDonald, Canada;
4. Lewis Russell, Scotland.

Tuesday (August 13)
1. Filemon Tan, USA;
2. Jamie Brown, Scotland;
3. Martin McPhee, New Zealand;
4. Brodie Watson-Massey, Scotland.

Wednesday (August 14)
1. Bobby Allen, Scotland;
2. Anna Smart, New Zealand;
3. Chris Happs, Scotland;
4. Ryan Cupples-Menendez, Northern Ireland.

Thursday (August 15)
1. Joseph Horwath, USA;
2. Éosaph Campbell, Scotland;
3. James Stone, Ireland;
4. Finlay Frame, Scotland.

The Grand Final takes place on Thursday (August 15) at 17.15 in the Strathclyde Suite at Glasgow Royal Concert Hall. The winner receives a set of reel pipes from event sponsor, Fred Morrison Pipes.

The winners from previous years are: Hamish Reade, 2018; Robbie MacIsaac, 2017; Callum Craib, 2016; Scott Barrie, 2015; Calum Brown, 2014; Angus J. MacColl, 2013; Connor Sinclair, 2012; Sarah Muir, 2011; Alex Gandy, 2010; and James MacKenzie, 2009.