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Donald Lindsay

Donald Lindsay, the inventor of 3D-printed smallpipes, whistles and practice chanters, will be the subject of an interview on BBC Scotland’s The Nine programme on Friday night.

Donald, pictured, who is ensconced in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean on Ascension Island, will be talking about his ‘print and play’ project, which featured in a recent edition of Pipng Today. The segment is set in the context of the current pandemic and features Donald, the island of Ascension and performances on his 3d-printed instruments.

Donald, erstwhile teacher (from 2017 to 2019) on the National Pipng Centre’s smallpipes class, had hoped to visit Scotland this summer but the coronavirus pandemic has put paid to that.

As the title suggests, The Nine goes out at 9.00pm GMT.

David Findlay, PR Manager of PoppyScotland has been on to tell us that last week’s Heroes of St Valery anniversary tribute received a lot of activity on social media.

Pipe Major Michael Laing of Aberdeen University OTC with Prince Charles at Birkhall, Deeside during last week’s St. Valery tribute.

He says: “The hashtag #StValery80 was used more than 6,600 times by 5,500 users and achieved a reach of … 167.6 million! ‘Reach’ is the total number of people across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram who had the opportunity to see content relating to #StValery80. It isn’t generally a digital stat I place great importance on as engagement rate is a much better indication of effectiveness. However, such is the scale of this I felt it was worth sharing.”

A hearty ‘well done’ to all concerned with this.

We have been pleased to receive a considerable number of correspondence from readers enjoying the content we’ve uploaded to the website in recent months. Evidently, many of you are appreciative of the articles from back issues of the Piping Times, Piping Today and The International Piper.

Bagpipe.News is a news magazine that can extract plenty of gems from this deep mine and we will continue to upload informative and instructive articles for you to enjoy during the lockdown and beyond. We thank you for your kind words.

The most recent addition to the website is a series written by Captain John A. MacLellan on Angus MacKay, the genius who was born in a hovel on Raasay, lived his teenage years amid the splendour of Drummond Castle and then became Queen Victoria’s personal piper. MacLellan discusses the works of MacKay in this authoritative series that was first published in his International Piper back in early 1980.

Captain John MacLellan, of course, once referred to the Piping Times as “the biggest single repository of bagpipe knowledge in the world,” and tomorrow we will have more content from it uploaded to the website.

Importantly, these articles, like all articles on this website, are free and fully searchable.