Always vigilant / Piper i.d.’d


This never-been-seen-before photo positively demands suggestions for a suitable caption:

The individuals having a nap are Strathclyde Police Pipe Band members Pipe Major Ian McLellan, Jim MacLean and John Wilson. Not in the picture is the man behind the camera, who, we are reliably informed, was Jim Wark.

Seemingly, the photograph was taken in 1987 on the return flight from Japan where the quartet had been returning after just over three weeks performing at engagements all over the country. The flight time was about 16 hours non-stop.

The photo brings to mind the motto of the Glasgow Police: Semper Vigilo … Always Vigilant!

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We received a few replies to our query yeterday as to the identity of the piper who is the face of an ancestral website company.

It is Skye-born piper, Lea Macleod, pictured, who lives fairly close to Eilean Donan castle these days and who pipes at many events throughout the year there.

Lea was taught by Niall Stewart and John Don MacKenzie. He later studied for a BA (Hons) in Applied Music at the University of the Highlands and Islands.