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Primary schools in Glasgow and East Lothian will welcome a Piper and Drummer in Residence in the new term.

The schools are Windygoul and Dunbar schools in East Lothian, and John Paul Academy – and its associated ‘cluster’ primary schools – in Summerston, Glasgow.

The two positions are being co-funded by the Scottish Schools Pipes and Drums Trust and Pupil Equity Funding (PEF). PEF is the Scottish Government’s scheme whereby funding for schools is devolved directly to school Head Teachers rather than via the local councils.

PEF is additional funding allocated to specific schools based on Free Meal Entitlement and targeted at closing the poverty related attainment gap. The Scottish Government expect this funding stream to continue for some time but is unable to make a cast-iron commitment long-term. The current allocation is £1,200 per pupil in P1-S3 falling under the Free Meals measure.

The two musicians will visit the schools one day each week. The end result is expected to be the formation of a schools pipe band.

Chris Shanks, head of Expressive Arts at John Paul Academy said: “We are bursting with enthusiasm to be finally beginning our Pipes and Drums journey. We cannot wait to see what this journey has in store for the Summerston and Maryhill community. The potential impact on the lives and wellbeing of our children within our community is immeasurable and we firmly believe our Pipes and Drums project will become a major asset to the wider achievement of all schools involved.”

SSPT Chief Executive, Alex Duncan said: “The SSPDT will lend pipes free of charge if needed. The SSPDT will be able to help schools to buy pipe band drums as well.”

Jori Chisholm, the Seattle-based piper and proprietor of Bagpipe.Lessons, has produced a ‘blowpipe positioner’ which, he says, is “ergonomically designed to help pipers play longer with greater stamina, improved posture and reduced soreness and pain.”

The product is called the Perfect Angle™ Blowpipe Positioner, and it is a simple device comprising three rings that attach to the drones and blowstick stocks.

Two adjustable straps align the blowstick at an angle that suits the individual piper.

Jori’s product costs US$39.99. For more information and to buy one visit

Liam Kernaghan was the overall winner of the A Grade at this weekend’s annual Queen’s Birthday solo piping competitions held in-person in Dunedin, New Zealand. Adam Waghorn was the overall winner of the B Grade.

Liam Kernaghan.


A Grade
Ceòl Mòr – 1. Greg Wilson (Lament for Donald Duaghal MacKay); 2. Stuart Easton (Lament for Earl of Antrim); 3. Iain Blakely (Earl of Seaforth’s Salute); 4. Scott Armstrong (Isabel MacKay).
Judges: Marion Horsburgh and Lance Turnbull

March – 1. Liam Kernaghan; 2. Greg Wilson; 3. Stuart Easton; 4. Campbell Wilson.
Judge: Marion Horsburgh.

Strathspey & Reel – 1. Stuart Easton; 2. Liam Kernaghan; 3. Scott Armstrong; 4. Campbell Wilson; 5. William Rowe.
Judge: Lance Turnbull.

Hornpipe & Jig – 1. Liam Kernaghan; 2. William Rowe; 3. Stuart Easton; 4. Campbell Wilson;
Judge: Brian Switalla.

Otago Pipers Club Premier MM,SS,RR – 1. Stuart Easton; 2. Greg Wilson; 3. Liam Kernaghan.
Judges: Marion Horsburgh, Brian Switalla and Lance Turnbull.

B Grade
Ceòl Mòr
– 1. Adam Waghorn; 2. Oskar Trafford; 3. Matt Creswell.
Judge: Lance Turnbull.

March – 1. Adam Waghorn; 2. Louis Newman; 3. William McArthur;
Judge: Brian Switalla.

Strathspey & Reel – 1. Adam Waghorn; 2. Louis Newman; 3. Oskar Trafford; 4. William McArthur; 5. Jamie Callihan.
Judge: Peter McLean.

Hornpipe & Jig – 1. Adam Waghorn; 2. William McArthur; 3. Oskar Trafford; 4. Marco Davis.
Judge: Peter McLean.

Under 21
2/4 March
– 1. Hamish Reade; 2. Logan Dale; 3. Campbell Wilson; 4. William McArthur; 5. Oskar Trafford.
Judge: Brian Switalla.

Strathspey & Reel – 1. Campbell Wilson; 2. Martin McPhee; 3. Hamish Reade; 4. Logan Dale; 5. Oskar Trafford
Judge: Peter McLean.

Stuart Liddell has made a definitive recording of the tune he has composed to mark the Queen’s Platinum Jubillee.

As we reported last Wedneday, pipers around the British Commonwealth are being asked to help mark the Queen’s platinum jubilee next summer by playing a tune composed for the occasion by the Inveraray & District Pipe Major. The event will take place on June 2, 2022.

• Stuart’s recording can be found here.

The tune is called Diu Regnare (Latin for ‘Long to reign’).