Pipers and drummers are required urgently to participate in this year’s Scottish Music Parade tours of Germany.

This will be the tenth year of the popular shows that play to large and appreciative audiences all around the country.

Each concert last approximately two hours and features a mixture of modern and traditional pieces, including pipe bands, highland dancers and a celtic/folk band.

There are seven tours in total: October 1-6, October 16-23, October 24-29, November 3-11, December 4-9, and December 14-18.

Organiser, Fife-based piper Steven Dewar, said: “The tours began in 2011 and we have performed over 200 gigs in Germany and throughout Europe.

“This year, we will be playing in some stunning venues throughout Germany, including Bavaria, Saxony, Brandenburg, Westphalia and Thuringia. Due to COVID-19 restrictions our audience numbers are capped at 1,200 people.

“We take a 30-piece pipe band on each tour but individual pipers and drummers can join in for the shows. A band fee is payable per concert. Between the fee and merchandise there is a serious opportunity for a pipe band to generate a significant amount of income. In the case of a hybrid band consisting of two bands or a collection of individuals the fee is split per player.”

Flights and hotel accommodation are included. Any PCR tests required are also covered. No visa is required.

Mr Dewar [pictured] added: “We strive to produce first class concerts, and the show is well acclaimed in Germany. At the same time we like to deliver this, by making the experience as fun as we can for the bands and individuals. The focus is very much on fun whilst touring and making sure everyone has a good time. If any bands or individuals can make any of these tours they should contact me as soon as possible.”

A full breakdown of our tour can be seen at www.germantickets.de

• Watch the combined ensemble play Rod Stewart’s Sailing from the 2015 tour:

Contact Steven on 0771 4986414 or at info@albaentertainments.co.uk

Well-known Perthshire bellows piper, Fin Moore is holding a series of online lessons in a group ‘session’ format. These follow on from a series of six sessions that took place last winter and a series of four ‘review’ sessions held this summer.

Fin Moore.

The sessions – four of them – will run in the evenings of September 4, October 9, November 13 and December 11 and a wide variety of music will be covered. The medium used will be the Zoom videoconference software.

Fin said: “The sessions are aimed at two levels: an intermediate, slower paced one and one for more advanced players which will cover tunes with faster tempos. I’ll be leading all the sessions but we’ll have Gary West, Sarah Hoy, Angus MacKenzie and Brìghde Chaimbeul joining for the advanced group.

“Audio and manuscript files of the tunes are sent out before hand. The autumn sessions will review some of the past sets plus some new sets plus a performance session for folk who fancy that.”

The cost is £38.32 or £43.71 for the performance session option.

• Click here for full details and to reserve a place.