Extended workshop on steady blowing


Dan Nevans shared a wealth of information on day 15 of the February Piping Challenge. Dan’s 25 minute presentation was on the topic of Steady Blowing. He also detailed how to adjust drone reeds to, “only take enough air to sound consistently”, and how to tune your drones to allow the wood to vibrate and create a “bold sound” with good harmonics. Dan’s video can be viewed again here on The National Piping Centre’s Facebook page.

The past four days of February Piping Challenge has had:

•Dr Andrew Bova on day 13 talking about Jigs and the importance of playing a controlled G, D and E note grouping with a rounded or a dot/cut expression. Andrew’s video can be found here.

•Dan Nevans on day 14 presents a short Setting Reeds video on the technicalities of adjusting a drone reed bridle, and can be watched again here.

•And the ubiquitous Dan was back on day 16 with a short, sharp video which can be found here about Tuning your drones and the hierarchy of tuning the notes on your chanter.

This evening, February 17, Dan will talk about being comfortable and in control while playing, and can be watched from 6pm on The National Piping Centre’s Facebook page. 

Remember to record your playing and tag your social media posts with #PIPESOUT22.