New tune competition for The Eagle Pipers’ Piobaireachd


The Eagle Pipers’ Society is running a piobaireachd composition contest. Tunes should be submitted electronically to the convener who will pass them to the judges, who are all members of The Eagle Pipers’ Society. A recording is also required – not necessarily by the composer (could be done by a friend) and this recording can either be on practice chanter or Highland pipes. The full list of rules is below. 

Entry fees are £40. Prizes will be £400 for first prize and £200 for the runner-up.

The last date for entries to be received is Sunday, July 31, 2022. The winner will be announced at the Captain John MacLellan dinner that is being run by the Eagle Pipers’ on the evening of Saturday, August 26.


  • Piobaireachd submissions must be original to the composer. No tune can be submitted which has previously been written by the contestant, or submitted for any composition contest – i.e. this must be a new composition.
  • Submissions must conform to piobaireachd convention – namely a Ground with variations, specifically written for solo bagpipe only.
  • Only one submission is permitted per composer.
  • Competitors must be 18 years or over by the July 31, 2022. 
  • Submissions must be sent electronically, attached to an introductory email with the composer’s contact information, sent to
  • The score must be a pdf file, labelled “The Eagle Pipers’ Piobaireachd” with no other identifying mark which would reveal the identity of the entrant. The score must be generated by computer in an easily-read format and handwritten scores or written notation on the score will not be accepted.
  • Submissions must include an audio electronic file (mp3) of the composition played on pipes or practice chanter (not necessarily by the composer), with no voice or other identifying markers. Name the file “The Eagle Pipers’ Piobaireachd”.  Peter McCalister will assist with arranging for large files to be uploaded to Google drive if necessary.
  • Any submissions which do not conform to the above rules will be rejected.
  • Composers will allow The Eagle Pipers’ Society to publish the winning and runner-up tunes on their website, both the score and the recording, and as such there will be no copyright retained by the composer nor the Eagle Pipers Society. The Eagle Pipers’ Society plan thereafter to play either or both of these winning tunes in any setting, most likely a performance in the Scots Guards Club, Edinburgh.  The recording may also be made available on social media such as YouTube and Facebook.
  • Composers must have the ability to receive the monetary prize via electronic bank transfer and will provide that information if they are successful in the contest. Alternatively, they can nominate a charity that the prize could be donated to.
  • Piobaireachd scores will be judged by a panel of judges whose decision is final.
  • All decisions made by The Eagle Pipers’ Society regarding this contest will be final.

If you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact Peter McCalister by email.