Aberdeen Highland Games solo piping entries open till June 8


Aberdeen Highland Games will be held on Sunday, June 19 at Hazlehead Park, Aberdeen. There are open piobaireachd, MSR and jig competitions, under-18 MSR and jig, and new this year, a two-part march chanter competition for beginners.

Entries must be submitted before midnight on June 8. The entry form can be found here. Any queries contact Piping Convenor Jack Taylor.

5Juvenile Piping – MarchesUnder 18yrs.£25£20£12£9£6
6Juvenile Piping – Strathspey & Reel Under 18yrs.£25£20£12£9£6
7Juvenile Piping – Jig Under 18yrs.£25£20£12£9£6
 Beginner Chanter – 2 part march – all agesNo Monetary Prizes
1Highland Bagpipes Music Piobairaechd (18 years and over)£75£50£40£35£20
8Highland Bagpipes Music – Marches (18 years and over)£45£35£25£15£10
9Highland Bagpipes Music – Strathspey & Reel (18 years and over)£45£35£25£15£10
10Highland Bagpipes Music – Jig (18 years and over)£45£35£25£15£10

The piobaireachd competition will be in a different place this year, please report to the pipers waiting tent and you will be escorted to the new location. The piping waiting tent will also be used for posting the results throughout the day. 

On the day entry will be at the convenors discretion with limited places available and you will be
required to play first, you will also be required to pay the event entry fee into the games when the
event opens at 10am.

Entry / check-in desk closes at 10.30am. All competing pipers must report in to the Competitors
check-in desk by 10.30am, desk opens at 9.45am. Queries regarding the solo piping competition
should be addressed to the Piping Convener.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I pre-enter this year?
➢ To enable the Solo Piping events to run smoothly we have changed the entry process. By
pre-entering the piping competitions, you will be sent a free competitor entry ticket.
Free Competitor entry ticket.
➢ This will be an e-ticket, you must enter the email address on the entry form for this ticket to
be sent to. You will be required to register with Eventbrite to redeem the ticket.
➢ Only one ticket per competitor.
➢ Competitors under 18 years will require an adult to accompany them to the event. This adult
will require to have their own purchased e ticket. Discounted tickets are on sale until the 31
May 2022.
➢ Entry to the event with your competitor ticket will now be through the Competitor entry
gate and not through the main entry gate.
➢ Only one adult per accompanied under 17 years competitor will be allowed to enter through
the Competitors entry gate.
Why only one adult per accompanied competitor?
➢ This is to make sure that competitors don’t need to wait too long to get through to check-in
for their events.
Can anyone use this competitor entry e ticket?
➢ This ticket is a one-use ticket and is specific to the named person on that ticket.
Can I enter on the day?
➢ We strongly recommend that you pre-enter before June 2. On the day entry will be at
the convenors discretion with limited places available and you will be required to play first,
you will also be required to pay the event entry fee into the games when the event opens at
10am. There would be no refund if there were no piping places available.
Where can I practice?
➢ You will be advised at competitor check-in regarding when it is safe to go to practice.
➢ Please note the area designated for practice is in the public area and not within the event
site. A dedicated event gate will be used for Solo Pipers to access the area.
➢ It is not acceptable to warm up behind any event gazebo’s/ marquees, you could be
Where do I wait prior to competing?
➢ We have a dedicated area for waiting to play next, this will be a dedicated gazebo for
holding pipers in one location prior to them being taken to/ directed to their piping
Where do I check-in on the day?
➢ You should firstly enter via the Competitor entry gate and check-in to the Competitors tent
and sign in at your event.
➢ You will then be given up to date information on the event and told the playing draw.
How do I find out about the order?
➢ The Piping Convener will meet all pipers at the side of Check-in tent at 10.30am and advise
of the programme and playing order of competing.
How do I collect my prize money?
➢ You will be given a prize card from the judges, you are required to hand this to the Results
team who will be sitting in the results tent inside the arena at the end of the sprint track.
➢ You will be required to sign for each prize payment in the specific box.
➢ You can collect prize money at any time after you have got the prize card.
➢ All prize money is required to be signed for and collected by 5.30pm, otherwise it is deemed
to be forfeited by the competitor.
What do I need to wear?
➢ Please see the rules on the entry form for requirements.
➢ The Piping Convenor has the right to disqualify if they deem that the costume is not suitable.
What happens if it rains?
➢ If the weather conditions are not safe to continue, then the piping will either be postponed,
or the event cancelled. The Piping Convenor will advise.