Solo piping results from Ballater Highland Games


The Ballater Highland Games were held on Thursday, August 11 in Monaltrie Park, Ballater. Eight played in very warm, sunny conditions. Xavier Boderiou was overall champion, and the judges were Duncan Watson and Jack Taylor. 

•Xavier Boderiou
•Brian Lamond


  1. Brian Lamond – The Fingerlock
  2. Xavier Bouderiou
  3. Angus MacPhee 
  4. Andrew Donlon
  5. John MacDonald
  6. Adam Taylor


  1. Xavier Boderiou
  2. Angus MacPhee
  3. Alan Clark
  4. Andrew Donlon 
  5. Brian Lamond
  6. John MacDonald

Strathspey and Reel

  1. Andrew Donlon 
  2. Brian Lamond
  3. Xavier Boderiou
  4. Alan Clark
  5. John MacDonald
  6. Adam Taylor