The Birnam Highland Games took place today, Saturday August 27, at the Games Park in Dunkeld. The solo piping results were:

Overall Winner: Anna Kummerlöw

•Overall winner, Anna Kummerlow, who played The King’s Taxes for her piobaireachd

Senior Piping – Piobaireachd

  1. Angus McPhee
  2. Nick Hudson
  3. Anna Kummerlöw
  4. Bobby Durning
  5. Mark MacKenzie
    Judges: Hugh Jamieson and Dr Bill Wotherspoon

Senior Piping – March

  1. Ben McClamrock
  2. Jacob Dicker
  3. Nick Hudson
  4. Anna Kummerlöw
  5. Callum Wynd
    Judge: Jimmy Banks
•Nick Hudson

Senior Piping – Strathspey & Reel

  1. Ben McClamrock
  2. Jacob Dicker
  3. Anna Kummerlöw
  4. Brian Lammond
  5. Ursa Beckford
    Judge: Jimmy Banks

Senior Piping – Jigs

  1. Brian Lamond
  2. Anna Kummerlöw
  3. Jacob Dicker
  4. Callum Wynd
  5. Ben McClamrock
    Judge: Jimmy Banks
•Callum Wynd
•Mark MacKenzie