Results from the inaugural CPA Bronze Medal


Twenty one pipers took part in the first ever Competing Pipers Association Bronze Medal competition yesterday, August 28, 2022 at The National Piping Centre. The results were:

  1. Steven Gray
  2. Fraser Allison
  3. Eireann Iannetta-MacKay
  4. Callum Wynd
  5. Ben Mulhearn
    Judges: Murray Henderson, Colin MacLellan and Ronnie McShannon

•Steven Gray, left, is presented with the inaugural CPA Bronze Medal by CPA President Derek Midgley.

The winner, Steven Gray, get automatic acceptance to the Silver Medals in 2023. The prize money awarded for the Bronze Medal placings was: 1st – £300; 2nd – £200; 3rd – £150; 4th – £100; 5th – £50.

The event was immediately followed by the Competing Pipers Association AGM where the attendance was high. Derek Midgley remained as President. Callum Beaumont completed his term as Vice-President and was succeeded by Peter McCalister. Ross Miller stepped down as Secretary and will be replaced by Lachie Dick. Steven Leask continues as Treasurer.

•Fraser Allison with CPA President Derek Midgley
•Calum Wynd with CPA President Derek Midgley
•Ben Mulhearn with CPA President Derek Midgley