Results from Jenny Mair Square Day, New Zealand 2022


The Jenny Mair Square Day took place on Saturday, December 10, in Palmerston North, New Zealand. This is the second ‘unofficial’ major of the New Zealand pipe band season, and the first where all the Grade 1 bands compete against each other.

The New Zealand and South Pacific Pipe Band Championships are the highlight of the season and will will be held on March 10 and 11, 2023 in Christchurch. Other events on the NZ calendar are: Northcote Solo Piping Invitational on December 30; Waipu Highland Games on January 1; RNZPBA Summer School on January 11-15; Turakina Highland Games on January 28; and Paeroa Highland Games on February 11. Details for each event can be found on the Upcoming Events calendar and on the listings to right-hand side of our web pages.

Auckland and District Pipe Band. Photo: Debbie Benton

Thanks to Liam Kernaghan of the Royal New Zealand Pipe Bands’ Association for the results and Debbie Benton for the photographs.

Grade 1

Manawatu drummers. Photo: Debbie Benton
  • Champion Square Day Band – Doug Miller Cup
    Manawatu Scottish
  • Runner up Square Day Band – Henderson Cup
    Canterbury Caledonian
  • Winner Medley – McPhee Shield
    Manawatu Scottish
  • Winner Ensemble – R W Wood Memorial Quaich
    Manawatu Scottish
  • Champion Drum Corps – Neil McIntosh Cup
    Manawatu Scottish
  • Ensemble 1st – Annan Trophy
    Manawatu Scottish
  • Ensemble 2nd – Annan Trophy
    Canterbury Caledonian
  • Ensemble 3rd – Annan Trophy
    Auckland and District
  • Winner Tenor Drumming – Clan Cameron Cup
    Auckland and District

Grade 2

  • Winner Grade 2 Set – Hitchings Trophy Silver Tray
    St Andrew Brisbane


  • Joint Winners Juvenile Event – Mair/Bailey Trophy
    Lewis Turrell Memorial and Wellington Red Hackle Juvenile

Grade 3

  • Winner Grade 3 – Hamilton Family Trophy
    Tauranga Pipe Band
  • Winner Grade 3 Set – Roy Kerr Silver Tray
    Tauranga Pipe Band

Grade 4

  • Winner Grade 4 – Hamilton Family Trophy
    Hamilton Caledonian
  • Winner Grade 4 Ensemble – Ellen Adam Trophy
    Hamilton Caledonian
•Manawatu Pipe Band in the circle at Square Day 2022. Photo: Debbie Benton