Alternative approach being considered for the British Championships


The RSPBA Board of Directors released a statement this morning, February 5, which casts doubt on the British Pipe Band Championships being held in 2023. The statement reads as follows:

“Unfortunately the RSPBA Board of Director’s (BoD) despite their best efforts has been unable to secure a Sponsor for the British Pipe Band and Drum Major Championships in 2023.

“The BoD have recently formed a working group to explore if an alternative approach is viable for the delivery of this Championship and will be consulting with Branches, Local Contest Promoters and Organisers with a view to hosting specific Championship Grades at various Local Contests.

•Drum Majors and the Spirit of Scotland Pipe Band at the British Pipe Band Championships in Paisley in 2016. Photo: /

“The BoD aim to communicate the recommendation’s of this working group by the 10th February 2023 via the RSPBA Website. RSPBA Board of Directors.”

A link to the RSPBA website can be found here.