Results from the Duncan Johnstone Memorial Piping Competition 2023


The annual Duncan Johnstone Memorial Piping Competition was held today in Glasgow at The National Piping Centre. The B Grade events were held at Otago Street whilst the C Grade events were held at McPhater Street. There was a large entry in both grades with piobaireachd heats run in the C Grade. As usual, the jig contests required payers to play at least one Duncan Johnstone composition. Overall, there were 169 performances across all the events. The overall winner in the B Grade was Callum Wynd. The event is organised by the Competing Pipers Association and The National Piping Centre.

B Grade piobaireachd – 21 played

  1. Eireann Ianetta-Mackay
  2. Callum Wynd
  3. Ben Mulhearn
  4. John Dew
  5. Angus MacPhee
    Judges: Alan Forbes and Glenn Brown

B Grade MSR – 21 played

  1. Fraser Allison
  2. Callum Wynd
  3. Ruairidh Brown
  4. Jonathon Simpson
  5. Angus MacPhee
    Judges: Robert Wallace and Craig Sutherland

B Grade Jig – 22 played

  1. Jonathon Simpson
  2. James McPetrie
  3. Christopher McLeish
  4. Angus MacPhee
  5. Ruairidh Brown
    Judges: Robert Wallace and Craig Sutherland
The winners from the Duncan Johnstone Memorial 2023, from left: Callum Wynd, Eireann Ianetta-Mackay, Alistair Brown, Calum Dunbar, Jonathon Simpson, Fraser Allison and Jeffrey Lawson.

C Grade piobaireachd final – 6 played in final (33 in total)

  1. Alistair Brown
  2. Keith Bowes
  3. Jeffrey Lawson
  4. Cameron MacLeod
  5. Calum Kaye
    Judges: Ronnie McShannon and Derek Fraser

Also in final: Rory Robson
Heats judged by Ronnie McShannon, Euan Anderson, Willie Morrison and Derek Fraser

C Grade MSR – 30 played

  1. Jeffrey Lawson
  2. Tori Killoran
  3. Scott McCaskil
  4. Cameron MacLeod
  5. Iain Simpson
    Judges: Ben Duncan and Sarah Muir

C Grade Jig – 37 played

  1. Calum Dunbar
  2. Liam McElhinney
  3. Cameron MacLeod
  4. Tori Killoran
  5. Kyle Shead
    Judges: Ben Duncan and Euan Anderson