SPA Juvenile competition draw released for Saturday


The Scottish Pipers’ Association Juvenile Competition takes place on this coming Saturday, March 18, at The National Piping Centre Otago Street in Glasgow’s west end. The venue will be open from 8.00am and the first competitions, for Under 13s, begin at 8.30am.

The draw for the day is below and more information can be found on the SPA website here.

EVENT 3 – 13 & Under • Piobaireachd Ground Only • Start 8:30am

1Donald John MacLeodTBC
2Mark HewittStruan Robertson’s Salute
3Ben McGaugieCabar Feidh Gu Brath
4Alfie Arthur RobertsonGlengarrys lament
5Ran BirchGlengarry’s Lament
6Murray RoweThe Boat Tune (PS BK 13)
7Rory CairnsMary MacLeod
8Kyle KinrossMassacre of Glencoe
9Hamish StephensThe Little Spree
10Lorne McIntyreTBC
11Archie LeonardCabar Feidh Gu Brath
12Rory MenziesSir James Macdonald of the Isles Lament
13Callan James ErskineToo long in this condition
14Arran BrownThe Company’s Lament
15James SilcockI got a kiss of the King’s hand

EVENT 4 March, and EVENT 5 Strathspey & Reel – 13 & Under • Start 8:30am

1Alfie Arthur Robertson
2William Muirhead
3Arran Brown
4Rory Menzies
5Ben McGaugie
6Donald John MacLeod
7Archie Leonard
8Murray Rowe
9Charlie Duncan
10Rory Cairns
11Kyle Kinross
12Mark Hewitt
13James Silcock
14Hamish Stephens
15Lorne McIntyre
16Callan James Erskine
17Ran Birch

EVENT 6 – 15 & Under • Piobaireachd • After Event 3, approx 9:45am

1Flynn PorterLament for the Old Sword
2Christopher DrummondSir James MacDonald of the Isles.
3Euan McCartanMacDonald of Kinlochmoidarts Lament No1
4Aaron HughesMacrimmons sweetheart
5Ross AitchisonLament for Donald of Laggan
6Lewis StewartStruan Robertson’s Salute
7Fraser HamiltonThe Little Spree
8Finlay RoweThe Field of Gold
9Joseph TownsleyTBC
10Peter MacKayMarquis of Argyll’s Salute

EVENT 7 March, and EVENT 8 Strathspey & Reel – 15 & Under

1Lennox Munro
2Lewis Stewart
3Finlay Rowe
4Joseph Townsley
5Peter MacKay
6Aaron Hughes
7Fraser Hamilton
8Christopher Drummond
9Euan McCartan
10Flynn Porter
11Ross Aitchison

EVENT 9 – 18 & Under • Piobaireachd • After Event 6 (Main Hall)

1Ewan AllenToo long in this Condition
2Catriona NormanThe Groat
3Eala Niamh McElhinneyLament for the Iolaire
4Lewis MaxwellNameless (hiharin odin hiharin dro)
5Duncan WintersLament for the Iolaire
6Fergus DorringtonMcCrimmons Sweetheart
7Arran GreenThe Desperate Battle

EVENT 10 March, and Event 11 Strathspey & Reel – 18 & Under • After Events 7 & 8 (The Old Museum)

1Arran Green
2Lewis Maxwell
3Eala Niamh McElhinney
4Katie Robertson
5Emily Anderson
6Fergus Dorrington
7Duncan Winters
8Ewan Allen
9Catriona Norman

Event 12 – 18 & Under • Jig

1Kyle Kinross
2Duncan Winters
3Peter Mackay
4Lewis Maxwell
5Ewan Allen
6James Silcock
7Arran Green
8Finlay Rowe
9Lorne McIntyre
10Flynn Porter
11Emily Anderson
12Rory Cairns
13Archie Leonard
14Katie Robertson
15Lennox Munro
16Catriona Norman
17Eala Niamh McElhinney
18Fergus Dorrington
19Aaron Hughes
20Christopher Drummond
21Joseph Townsley
22Lewis Stewart
23Hamish Stephens
24Rory Menzies
25Alfie Arthur Robertson